History: This site began with several individuals independently seeking to make the chaotic  world a more tolerable place through mentoring, teaching, and coaching others face to face.  

Realizing that they were limited by the amount of information they could share in so little time, they grew restless with individually mentoring, coaching, and teaching; they decided to compile their websites, lessons, and the wisdom they learned from others onto a site for all to read.  

Hence, the Thank Me Later Series was born as a result of OurPieceofMind.com and Community Based Solutions, LLC (tcbsgrpup.com)This is a let-us-help-you help yourself (self help, improvement and development) website.  Take the best (what works for you) and leave the rest (maybe it'll work for you later, in that case keep coming back to check it out).

Our mission:  We are a community of individuals working together to change how we define, understand, and seek out happiness and success.

Our Vision: We seek to promote accessible, fulfilling, and healthy lifestyle changes through expression, experiments, and experience.


I Am Patient Zero, Founder

Anh Ta, Content Specialist

Nina Mazurova, Content Specialist