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Whether you need to find ways to compete in today's market of employability or audience engagement, looking for ways to connect with others and learn interpersonal skills, or seeking guidance to finding happiness or peace, these blogs contain the answers you are looking for. Have a question or inquiry, fill out an Q&A form and let us see if we can find you the answers you seek.


Ever wonder how to gain a winning edge or stand out? Here we give tips on not only making good first impressions but impactful lasting ones. This blog is all about your professional development through workforce development strategies, interviewing techniques and skills, skill building, audience engagement, and general tips on business appeal. 

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This section is dedicated to improving and promoting interpersonal relationships. We will share tips and strategies on networking, principles of engagement, and social dynamics.  Whether personal or professional, it is all about connection.

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Counsel and Council come from the same word which means to guide. Here you will find general guidance through life's journey of suffering, joy, grief, excitement, discontent, meh, bleh, blah, and woohoo. Start here if you seek tips on how to be happy.